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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Can't Get Much Worse

I am just baffled. Words can't describe my disappointment towards the Islanders right now. So, instead of words, I will show you how I dressed to attend the Islanders vs Panthers game last Saturday.

Yeah, I wore a bag. If you are wondering, it says:
      11 Games          
       Wins: 0            
       Coaches: 2            

Everyone that saw me had to comment on the bag. The security guard did extra checks on me. People were laughing. Everyone stopped in their tracks to read it. Sparky, the mascot, attacked me.  A guy told me Happy Halloween. Even one of the Islanders Ice Girls asked me why I was wearing a bag. Every time someone asked me why I wore a bag, I simply said, "Read the bag." That got most people to quiet down.  The bag got so much attention, a few people even asked to take pictures of me.

I wore the bag for one simple reason. I can't stand the way the Islanders are playing. I am not going to talk about the stats, those can be found somewhere else. The Islanders are becoming have become the laughing stock of the NHL, and some one needs to do something. Yes, Scott Gordon has been fired and replaced by Jack Capuano. But what did that really do? Short term, just more losses have happened. Hopefully some wins will be coming soon, because I am sick of the losing. Hopefully you are too. How do you think this will end up playing out?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lets Go Islanders!

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