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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How it All Started

When I was just seven years old, I attended my first Islanders game. That day was one to remember. I remember an usher gave me a souvenir puck as we were leaving the game. I remember thinking that the team in the green jerseys, the Dallas Stars, were the good team. I don't remember the video below too well, but I remember the Islanders winning. Take a look.


After that, I was hooked. Later that winter, I wrote a letter to the Islanders with a bunch of questions. Surprisingly, I got a response a few weeks later, as you can see below.

The signature on the bottom of the letter belongs to Mike Milbury, who was the Islanders general manager at the time of the letter, which was late in 2001. Getting a letter on official Islanders stationary from their GM was something I always treasured. I've kept that letter for almost 12 years, and although the stuff Milbury writes about might be random answers to questions I have, the letter has a much greater meaning to me. 

I am a New York Islanders fan. From all the bad to all the good that hopefully will come soon, I'll be rooting for the blue and orange. This letter helped start it all. 

Lets Go Islanders! 

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