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Monday, September 12, 2011

First Of Hopefully Not Too Many

If you have been watching the Isles rookie game tonight against the Bruins rookies on the Islanders website, you probably noticed 2 things. 

1. There is a new logo on center ice. Not just the same Islanders logo that's always been there, but a newer logo to commemorate 40 years of Islanders hockey, similar to the logo seen below, which will also be a patch on the Islanders jerseys this season. 

2. Rhett Rakhshani, who appeared in a couple games for the Isles last season, left the game with a concussion and will be re-evaluated tomorrow. Let's hope he is fine, and doesn't have setbacks like superstar Sidney Crosby. Get better Rhett, the Isles may need you soon. 

Lets Go Islanders! 

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