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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Your (Former) New York Islanders

Watching the NHL playoffs is always exciting. If your team is playing, it only increases the intensity. When your team isn't playing, watching the hockey playoffs seems like watching a multi-act Broadway show at some points. The drama, intensity, excitement, and thrill all seem to increase because as many athletes have said before, "The playoffs are when the real season starts." The first round of this year's playoffs have been spectacular, unless your team has been eliminated. Game 7's, many overtimes, and great goals have been the story. There has been one team that has stood out to me the most so far, and it is the Tampa Bay Lightning.

You are probably thinking, "Why Tampa Bay?"

Well, first of all they came back from a 3-1 deficit to the Penguins, winning 3 in a row, including a game 7 epic in Pittsburgh, in which their goalie, former Islander Dwayne "Rollie the Goalie" Roloson, stopped every shot faced and another former Islander, Sean Bergenheim got the only goal, which you can see below. Roloson's biggest save came when another former Islander, Nate Thompson, was sitting in the penalty box for a late penalty.

Remember Dwayne Roloson? The Islanders had him for all of last season and for most of this season until a New Year's day trade to the Lightning for D-Man Ty Wishart. With all due respect to Wishart, I think Tampa Bay got the better end of that trade.

This seems to be so typical of former Islanders, leave LI and succeed, just ask these guys.
Best of Luck to Rollie the Goalie and the rest of the former Islanders in this year's playoffs. Congrats to the Lightning on their epic win. Keep enjoying the game everyone.

Lets Go Islanders!!

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