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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Play For the Islanders?

Everybody knows that the Islanders recently stole goalie Evgeni Nabokov away from the Detroit Red Wings on waivers. He would get paid over half a million dollars to play the rest of this season. Then Nabokov made what seemed like an easy decision to him at the time, to not show up to the Islanders. Why would he do this? There are many reason to go to the Islanders, and not to. Now I present to you a big decision, To Show Up or Not To Show Up?

Good Reasons to Show Up:

  • He can use the rest of this season as an "audition" to prove to other NHL teams that he is capable of still playing at the high level required to be great in the NHL. 
  • After this season, he is an unrestricted free agent and can go anywhere, unless he wants to return to the Islanders. 
  • The Islanders can appeal to the NHL to "toll" his contract. This means that he would not get paid at all for this season and his contract would not begin until next season. Essentially, this would push back his contract and keep him from becoming an unrestricted free agent. 
  • He can prove to other NHL teams that he is a team player and just show up, and try his best to help the struggling Isles. 
Good Reasons not to Show Up: 
  • He wants to be a part of a team that can make a deep playoff run. The Islanders are most likely not going to make the playoffs this season. 
  • Nassau Coliseum is an old, dirty, and just plain bad arena and not that many players want to play there. 
  • He would have to find a place to live for the next few months, then have to do it all again once he signs with a new team next season. 
  • If he does not want to show up, more power to him. 

It now looks like Nabokov is going to pull a Darrelle Revis. He will try to hold out as long as possible until something happens. Also, the Islanders really need a goalie, badly. He could help the team right now.  Let's hope that Nabokov and the Islanders can resolve something soon. 

We hope to see you in this crease soon Evgeni, just wearing a navy blue jersey. 

Lets Go Islanders!

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